Your privacy is important for us. This Privacy Policy describes how we fulfil the Australian Privacy terms. We may update this Policy from time to time.

Gathering Your Personal Information

Based on your involvement with MyShopInABox, we may gather personal data about you like your name, contact details and other details about you including your health and age.

We gather this data when we request you for it, or others authorized person (s) behalf of you to source information for us. When you choose that we do not gather your personal details, we may not be able to help you or offer services or perform doings that we would else undertake or provide.

Using Your Personal Information

Normally, we use your personal data for our business and related activities, in order to improve and enhance our business including:-

–          Offering information about or services and products, including handling a complaint or inquiry;

–          Offering you with promotional materials including alerts, newsletters and invitations and product offers comprising new products which may be of interest for you (in such cases we will give you a choice to opt out)

Storing & Disclosing Your Personal Information

We implement different services and systems to protect the personal data we record and use, for our business processes and systems. Like many organizations, these services and systems may contain other parts of our large company, or other company and other people supporting us with services, situated both inside and outside Australia. We always do our best to maintain records containing personal data up-to-date and appropriate and not to keep personal data that is not required. Sometimes we may have to transmit your personal data for safety or legal reasons or related special conditions.

Contact With MyShopInABox About Your Personal Information 

You may want to contact MyShopInABox to use your personal data, to try to make it correct or to lodge a complaint on privacy.

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